Afro-latina with dreadlocks

July 7, 2022


Doralys was raised with the idea that euro-centric hair styles were the way to go and even had her hair straightened at a very young age. As she grew up and learned more about her family's background and their stories, she embraced and loved the African part of her and now she is on a mission to make sure that every Afro-Latina girl is proud of who she is as well and to demystify old beliefs surrounded by African hairstyles. 

For years, dreadlocks have been a hairstyle that has been surrounded by stigma and bad association in the media, and making your way into the American market as an Afro-Latina with dreadlocks is not an easy task. That’s why through her content and her work, Doralys has been trying to bring awareness of Afro-Latino culture, and demystifying old beliefs that people have about dreadlocks. 

As a hairstyle, dreadlocks are really resourceful, perfect for the woman who has an active lifestyle (including those with tons of sea water involved), and an intense agenda of activities and tasks. Unfortunately for many, this hairstyle is wrongly associated with certain types of behaviors and old paradigms. People don't really understand them or even know the story behind such a powerful hairstyle.  

In Doralys' opinion, this is the hairstyle of the future. We are already seeing them more in professional settings, at the Oscars, with artists, professors, influencers, etc.  “Dreads mean much more than the common beliefs people have heard about them. In reality, “Rastas” (as they are called in Spanish), are a super liberating hairstyle.  They can make you feel empowered, free, and, above all, are a reflection of the core of your personality and culture. It is an act of self-empowerment, choosing to be YOU above all”.

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