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Doralys, a Dominican born and raised, started her communications journey by working in the entertainment industry, hosting multiple TV, Radio shows and also directed and managed a very successful series of beauty contests back in the Dominican Republic.

She had to learn to be proud of being Afro-Latina, because the media and even part of our culture has taught us that it wasn't always something that people identified with.

As an Afro-Latina, it has taken many years for the beauty industry to accept her and to realize that a girl with an afro and brown or black skin can be beautiful.



Close up of Doralys wearing a purple scarf around her head, looking at the camera

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Doralys laying on the ground, wearing a white bralette and suit

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She now focuses on empowering people of color to love themselves through self love, beauty tips and tricks, through her Spanish and English channels.

She wants girls to see her and other women that look like them, and to know they are accepted and beautiful the way they are.

philosophy & mission

Breaking Stigma around DreadLOCKS

For years, dreadlocks have been a hairstyle that has been surrounded by stigma and bad associations in the media, and making your way into the American market as an Afro-Latina with dreadlocks is not an easy task. Through Doralys's content and work, she aims to bring awareness of Afro-Latino culture and demystify old beliefs that people have about dreadlocks.

empowering others to embrace their beauty

changing the beauty industry

Dreads mean much more than the common beliefs people have heard about them. In reality, “Rastas” (as they are called in Spanish), are a super liberating hairstyle. They can make you feel empowered, free, and, above all, are a reflection of the core of your personality and culture. It is an act of self-empowerment, choosing to be you above all.

Doralys is on a mission to create a space where people, especially girls who look like her—brown, black, with big curly hair, or dreadlocks—can see themselves and know that they can achieve everything she has achieved. People of color have bigger challenges, but she will continue to encourage her audience that they can make it through together.

Doralys standing, looking at the camera, wearing white bralette and suit