Afro-Latinx heritage influenced my content creation

July 9, 2022


How has your Afro-Latinx heritage influenced your content creation? 

It influenced it a lot. I am a very proud Afro-Latina and a very proud Dominicana, and I love shouting it to the world every chance I get. I have very fond memories of my country, my parents still live there, and my childhood was very beautiful. The Dominican Republic was a great place to grow up; it really did shape me into the person I am today. Now that I live in the U.S., I love it too, and I take my heritage and culture with me everywhere I go and with everything I do. I know I have a big platform and a responsibility to create positive change, and that's what I always try to do. That is the mission of my work. I want to continue to create a space where people and especially girls that look like me (brown, black, with big curly hair, or dreadlocks) can see themselves and know that they can achieve everything I have achieved. We know that as people of color, we have bigger challenges, but there is space for us. If there is not, we will make space and I'm here to tell them we can make it together. 

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