How do you balance advocating for authenticity while being a public figure in the beauty industry?

February 4, 2022


Balancing advocacy for authenticity as a public figure in the beauty industry can be a delicate dance, but it's one that I'm deeply committed to. The key lies in staying true to my values and mission. Here's how I navigate this balance:

I use my platform to promote authentic beauty and diversity. This means featuring a wide range of beauty standards, including natural hair, in my content and collaborations. I aim to create a space where individuals from diverse backgrounds can see themselves represented and celebrated.

I also prioritize working with brands and partners that align with my values of authenticity and inclusivity. This means carefully selecting collaborations that allow me to continue advocating for self-love and acceptance.

Additionally, I engage with my audience and community to understand their needs and concerns. This dialogue helps me tailor my content and advocacy efforts to address the specific challenges and issues they face.

Ultimately, I see my role as a bridge between the beauty industry and the diverse individuals it serves. I'm here to champion authenticity and ensure that everyone, regardless of their background or appearance, feels valued and bonita!

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