How do you celebrate your Afro-Latina heritage in your everyday life?

September 20, 2022


Celebrating my Afro-Latina heritage is an integral part of my daily life. It's about embracing and proudly showcasing the cultural richness that makes me who I am. One of the ways I celebrate is through my hairstyles. I love experimenting with different African-inspired hairstyles, from braids to twists to locs. Each style is not just a fashion statement but a homage to my roots and a celebration of my heritage.

In addition to my hairstyles, I also incorporate elements of my heritage into my fashion choices. I love wearing vibrant colors, prints, and fabrics that are reflective of Afro-Latinx culture. These choices are a way for me to visually express my identity and heritage.

Moreover, I actively promote the Dominican Republic and its culture through my content. Whether it's by highlighting the beauty of our landscapes, or discussing the significance of cultural traditions, I aim to educate and inspire others about the richness of our heritage.

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