Finding your own sense of beauty

July 24, 2022


You’ve spoken about the importance of everyone finding their own sense of beauty. What inspired you to make the video last year about your dreadlocks and embracing natural hair? 

I wanted to celebrate who I am. I am half black and I am so proud of it. Growing up, however, I sometimes didn't feel like I should have. I got my hair straightened at a very early age because that was something that many curly-haired Afro-Latina girls do. We wanted that "euro-centric" look, as if having big curly hair was something I should be ashamed of. As I grew up and started to learn more about my heritage, I became more and more proud of who I was. So getting dreadlocks was really my way of both embracing my roots and celebrating them and also breaking a stigma that dreadlocks were a bad look.  I believe the only way to break that stigma was to, first, help to normalize it by showing girls that we can have dreadlocks and be a successful business woman, and second, to educate people about the story behind it. That's what I did. 

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