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Growing up in the Dominican Republic, I was always driven by my passion to improve my life as well as the lives of those around me.  My professional career began when I was just 16 years old with a number of jobs working in radio, TV, modeling, and as host of various social and fashion events. I was also part of the most important cultural project in the Dominican Republic called “Noches Vivas del Alcazar,” an event that visually depicted the story of Diego Columbus and Maria de Toledo.  

Within a few years, I created and directed Miss Femme, which became one of the leading beauty contest in the Dominican Republic.  That position gave me the chance to work with the most prestigious brands in the country and to instruct dozens of girls in many fields, including personal development, communication, marketing, and modeling. 

Following that, I was offered a job as a personal assistant for the major international celebrity, Julio Iglesias. For the next several years, I traveled constantly, visiting more than twenty countries and gathering innumerable amazing experiences.  I began to tire of the travel, so I decided to create my blog and YouTube channel in response to many requests from girls who wanted to expand their knowledge of the beauty industry and fashion. One of my first videos received more than 2 million views. 

In 2015, I began to focus full-time on my brand and marketing opportunities.  I currently live in Malibu, California, where I create, produce and film the content of my blog and YouTube channel.

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