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February 14, 2014

HuggableLipcolour-Lipstick-00When it comes to gorgeous lips, don’t compromise shine for colour. Your pout can have it all in a new formula inspired by Asian trends, hugging your lips in hues that stay bright for up to six hours. Huggable Lipcolour provides a lasting, glossy finish that helps boost collagen, leaving lips smooth and sculpted. A unique gel base allows each shade to smooth effortlessly onto the skin, with a feather-light finish giving immediate moisture.

HuggableLipcolour-LineUp-ASIA ONLY-300

  • Touché: Light beige (Cream)
  • Fresh & Frisky: Soft neutral peach (Cream)
  • Cherry Glaze: Orange red (Cream)
  • Out For Passion: Soft warm rose (Cream)
  • Love Beam: Mid-tone warm pink (Cream)
  • What A Feeling!: Mid-tone cool pink (Cream)
  • Feeling Amorous?: Mid-tone fuchsia (Cream)
  • Red Necessity: Deep warm wine (Cream)
  • Commotion: Deep cool plum (Cream)
  • Rich Marrón: Mid-tone nude (Cream)
  • Rusty: Deep auburn (Cream)



 La reconocida firma de maquillaje MAC Cosmetics estrenó su nueva colección de labiales que combina el color de un labial con el brillo de un gloss, proporcionando un acabado duradero y brillante para que los labios se vean suaves y definidos.  La exclusiva base en gel de Huggable Lip Colour permite que cada tono se difumine sin problemas sobre la piel, con un acabado muy ligero que aporta hidratación al instante y una duración de hasta seis horas.

Esta colección limitada mezcla el color intenso con mucho brillo, para que no tengas que renunciar a ninguna de las dos cosas.  Cuenta con  12 distintos tonos en colores llamativos como el  TOUCHE (beige), FRESH y FRISKY (melocotón suave y neutro),  CHERRY GLAZE (rojo anaranjado), OUT FOR PASSION (rosa suave), FASHION FORCE (coral fresco), LOVE BEAM (rosa cálido) WHAT A FEELING! (rosado fresco), FEELING AMOROUS? (fucsia de tono medio), RED NECESSITY (vino intenso), COMMOTION (ciruela profundo fresco), RICH MARRÓN (nude en tono medio), RUSTY  (Castaño profundo).

diy: missoni shoe

February 10, 2014

Step 1: Gather supplies.

One pair of white canvas


Ruler Manil file folder or other stiff paper

Pencil Scissors

Fabric markers in various colors (ones with both a thick and thin tip are best)        creative-diy-ideas-4-1

Step 2: Using the ruler, draw a straight line near the edge of the manila file folder.03-diyshoes-step-02Step 3: Next, create a zig-zag pattern inside the two parallel lines by connecting every other tic. For example, start at the bottom left-hand corner of the lower line, and connect to the second tic mark on the upper line. Connect the second tic-mark on the upper line to the third tic mark on the lower line, and so on.05-diyshoes-step-04Step 4:Now that you’ve just created all of those triangles, cut away the lower row of them (sorry!). You should be left with what looks like a row of teeth at the bottom of the folder. Feel free to use this template to create a shark or bear costume for Halloween.06-diyshoes-step-05Step 5: Position the template onto the toe of the sneaker. You’ll be working your way from the front to the back of the shoe. Position the template wherever you like it best, but we felt it was easiest to keep things lined up by having the point of one triangle in the center.09-diyshoes-step-08Step 6: Grab your fabric markers and start coloring in the rows, making sure that each row is a different color. The colors don’t have to be spaced evenly or in any sort of pattern (but go for it if you want!), so feel free to switch it up as much as you’d like. If your markers have differently sized tips, use the thin edge to outline the rows, and the thick to fill them in.